Thursday, May 22, 2008

Humument page 100

On page 100 of A Humument, the restructured version of A Human Document created by Tom Phillips, Phillips suggests the thoughts in the mind though it might be scattered are connected in a way similar to a puzzle. Each piece is needed to build the significance of the poem and create the idea. Thoughts that could be totally different can all relate giving the reason of how his art and his choice of words integrate into each other. The subject of the poem seems to relate to the idea of thought and words. Also, the interpretation of the poem depends on the people and how they view it.

The poem was created by pieces of words from the original text. Phillips added his artistic talents to portray his poem in his art that accompany it. In the poem, it has only black and its original paper color of cream or the lightest yellow. He uses the style of pen and ink to create his art. Phillips made the background for his poem as jigsaw puzzle pieces which all fit perfectly together though it did not produce an image all together. In each of the puzzle pieces, each of the design varies and not one is next to the same design. The background of the jigsaw puzzle appears more visible because of the alternating design without the need of any colors different than the paper and ink. The alternating use of crosshatching, hatching, stippling, scumbling, scribbling and other random design were used to eliminate the words from the original text that are not needed in his words and in a way give some meaning to the poem.

The words that remain from the actual text were one or two word phrases integrated into the art only differentiated from the cross-out words by a white border around the words and having the design bend around the border. The words “Vienna” and “Hampstead” are the names of a city in Austria and a suburb in London, England. The other words were mostly composed of nouns and adjective. Few of the words were verb that could be interpreted as an adjective. It is more like a thought process with no concentration in a single subject or is not definite enough to interpret.

Art and poem are normally separate entities, but Phillips integrates both works to show the true meaning behind his work and support his idea. The first few words “Vienna, pause, a person, Hampstead, anybody” implies of it as thoughts. The use of the word “pause” in this context is not similar to a normal action but more of action of hesitating in thought. Also the words, “a person” and “anybody” sound more like confused thought because Vienna and Hampstead are not human. After that Phillips start showing random words. “Courage” meaning bravery, but also the every brave action also comes along with thought as either the view of other people or the resolution of planned action of becoming courageous. “Words” and “intonation” connect even though it is randomly said like a chain of thought. It connects to the Phillips’ writing style the design of the background and to each other. Phillips writing style uses the “words” of the author of A Human Document in a certain pattern, similar to “intonation” which is a pattern changes in a sentence. It is similar to the jigsaw design pattern that changes as in the view of those reading the words to the poem. “Intonation” is a change in pattern and can use in human speech and human speech is based off of “words”. As the poem go along, it states “struck plaintive dignity, criticisms, judgment.” It describes “words” in the poem and also idea of thought. “Dignity, criticism, judgment, sorrow they are all created from random thought. The thought of what is pride, morale values, sadness, and superiority. It all based out of thought from peoples point of view. “Luncheon” is a meeting of people and in meetings thoughts and words are passed along each other. Each person gathered brings pieces to a solution of a thing in mind. Similar to the puzzles as like pieces brought together to reveal something. The words of “abruptness” and “reoccurred” contradict each other like an internal conflict if it is based on thoughts. “Sigh” represents the “reoccurred” as tedious while “inexperience” represents the “abruptness” as unknown. “Reasons shared” goes back to the “luncheon” bringing together the pieces of thought. “Knife”, in some way, represents sharpness. “Surprise, sincerity, and doubt” are all emotions attached to thoughts.

Thoughts are pieces of puzzle created by words. They are pieces that are defined by each person in their own way. With the use of the artwork and poem, Phillips gives the idea that thoughts are like puzzles. The puzzle pieces that vary in patterns represent how different things can connect and also show as thoughts of human minds. The poem might be untitled because it is a puzzle in which each person interprets it in their own way and giving no definite answer of what it is exactly about.

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